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Automated Manifest System / Automated Commercial Environment

  • Full service provider, utilizing Government interface to coordinate between Captains/Owners/Charterers and Customs & Border Protection to ensure timely filing of foreign cargo to the United States
  • Specializing in Chemical Tankers / liquid bulk
  • AMS / ACE filing for spare parts and Vessel slop removal
  • Assist in obtaining a SCAC from the National Motor Freight Traffic Association
  • Letter of Intent filing
  • Manifest / 1302 provided for inclusion of vessel’s sailing paperwork

Why Utilize Braden for your AMS entries?

  • While multiple agents are utilized depending on port / time charterer, Braden Logistics is the one point of contact for all USA ports AMS filings. With large fleets, can drastically reduce the back and forth between Captains
  • Even if we're not your appointed agent, we will be able to complete manifesting for all U.S. ports.
  • Your company would not experience delayed filing while an agent is selected by your charterer, nor would it be inhibited in negotiations due to the time line required for filing. We work for you.
  • Your company would have a consistent and trusted data entry specialist, who is aware of the liability incurred when accurate transmissions are not made in a timely manor.
  • Clean record from any demurrage / docking delays
  • Along with the manifest support, we also would extend our penalty mitigation services on our client’s behalf.
  • 24 Hour Customer Service
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